Conway BANNED From The Air For Speaking The TRUTH About Donald Trump

Kellyanne Conway and Ted Cruz were caught in what appeared to be a heated hallway dispute that was snapped by Getty Images. Neither parties have revealed what caused Kellyanne to jab her finger in Cruz's face. The instance happened just have Gov. Rick Perry was sworn in as the new Energy Secretary.

Conway has been a hot topic in the news lately following her retreat from live TV. Weeks ago, CNN banned Trump's top advisor from appearing on the network because she lacks "credibility." But just 48 hours after the ban, CNN realized their ratings needed her and brought her back on!

The absurd decision to ban her came after liberal media outlets attacked Conway's wording when she defended Trump's immigration policy by comparing it to Obama's ban after "the Bowling Green [Kentucky] massacre.”

Conway was referring to the Two al Qaeda-Iraq terrorists found in Bowling Green who admitted they’d attacked US soldiers in Iraq. Obama's State Department then stopped processing Iraqi refugees for six months, including "many who had heroically helped US forces."

Kellyanne later said that she misspoke and meant to say "terrorists" and not massacre. She even linked to an ABC News story that elaborated on the 2012 event about the “several dozen suspected terrorist bombmakers.” Still, that didn't stop the media from saying she was trying to spread "fake news." The New York Times stirred the pot when they said her quote triggered “serious questions about her credibility.”

Despite being back on TV, the media is still attacking her from every angle. Even the way she sits is under attack. Conway was ripped by reporters for sitting comfortably in the Oval Office during a meeting. There are real issues in this nation and CNN only cares about a couch in Trump's office! Why is Conway the only person being targeted? The CNN network is filled with people who thrive on fake news. Just a few weeks ago, they were the ones spreading lies linking Donald Trump to Russian escorts. Of course, they never admitted to their mistake and brushed it under the table like nothing ever happened.

This decision simply cannot go ignored by the public. Do we really want to live in a nation where networks are banning top White House aids? The media's job is to report the truth and the news! They need to ignore their personal agendas and simply learn to work with the White House. Either they get on board or they get out of the way! Kellyanne doesn't need to battle with people like Anderson Cooper every night. She has the ear of the President and millions of Americans without the help of CNN.