Ivanka Vs. The Liars! Trump's 'Fine Jewelry Store' Hit With FALSE Reports Of Tax Evasion

Once again, liberal news outlets are scrambling after Trump rumors lead to fake headlines claiming Ivanka Trump's Fine Jewelry Brand was hit with a tax lien.

The media jumped to conclusions following reports that her Trump Tower Jewelry Store owed $5,000 in back taxes. Fortunately, Forbes put aside politics to clear up the rumors and report that Ivanka has nothing to do with the lien.

Kelly Phillips of the Forbes staff said that the headlines forgot to leave out key details "most notably that legal action for unpaid taxes was not filed against Ivanka Trump personally nor was it filed against her personal brand."

Madison Avenue Diamonds LLC. is the retailer who was responsible for handling the taxes linked to the sales of Ivanka's Jewlery. Moreover, the connection to the lien is purely from a "typical licensing deal". Trump's daughter and her brand have essentially no true connection to the tax issues.

The President of Ivanka Trump Brands, Abigal Klem released a statement saying "This situation involves an independent licensee of Ivanka Trump Brands and has absolutely nothing to do with her company."

Ivanka launched her Jewlery line back in 2007, the "brand is sold in over 60 exclusive fine jewelry boutiques and luxury department stores."

The entire Trump family is facing these absurd rumors that are delivered by news outlets without any true reporter. Weeks after the Nordstrom boycott, they are still attempting to shutdown Ivanka's company with the #GrabYourWallet campaign that has expanded to stores like TJ Maxx and Burlington.

Still, despite their efforts, liberals have failed to completely shut out the family's products. Ivanka's perfume line has reached number 1. on Amazon's best sellers list. Plus, after a calling to boycott Donald's 'Trump Wine,' it has sold out in Wegmans stores throughout Virginia!

The more the media spreads lies the more Trump fans ignore their headlines. Donald's supporters will never stop supporting his administration and his various businesses. It's time for the media to give up and admit failure!