America Still Cannot Get Over Trump's Unforgettable Tonight Show Appearance!

The President-Elect is a hot topic for late night TV hosts. Sure, no president can escape the endless jokes from personalities like Jimmy Fallon or Stephen Colbert, it's a right of passage.

It's likely that Donald will join multiple TV hosts as he settles into the White House over the next few months. But, the world knows that nothing can top the time he stepped out onto Jimmy Fallon's stage.

Just before the election, the interview showed the more down to earth and humorous side of Donald that America rarely got to see on the campaign trail. He joked with Fallon saying that he’s looking to become president so he can “make a lot less money.”

He also didn’t shy away from his reputation for saying the occasional shocking comment. When asked about his past Mr. Trump proudly admitted that he is no longer trying to make outrageous comments. This is part of Donald’s great effort to remove his celebrity persona from the campaign and prove to the American people that he is a serious man who can make some serious change in this great country.

But, Donald hasn’t fully stepped away from his celebrity ways. Trump is known for his big personality and of course his big hair. He loves his style and it’s helped him become one of the most recognized faces in the world. Naturally, Fallon didn’t let Donald slip away from the interview without acknowledging his golden locks.

Before Trump headed off stage he asked Donald for a small favor: “Can I mess your hair up?” Donald stunned the crowd and all the viewers at home by being a great guest and accepting the offer. With a smiling face Donald had some and let the silly Late Night host shake his legendary hair!

Watch the clip to see Mr. Trump like you’ve never seen him before!