These Are The Women Who Are Inspired By Trump's Patriotism

Exit polls showed that 79% of Republican women voted for Trump in 2016. Who are these women who love Donald? During his campaign, The New York Post spoke with a number of pollsters working for various campaigns to give female Trump supporters an identity.

They found that the average female voter is no longer concerned with traditional women’s rights issues like equal pay or abortion. Donald top advisor Kellyanne Conway, a former PAC researcher, discovered that modern women are more concerned with “security, fairness, and patriotism.” These moms have been dubbed “security moms.”

Given the violence over the past few decades, it’s not surprising that the security mom has erupted in America. The Obama administration was extremely unpopular with foreign policy and left Americans concerned for their safety. In 2016, Clinton and Sander’s views were too similar to Obama's. The obvious option for security moms was Trump and still is with 2020 around the corner.

He's the only candidate who has spoken seriously about controlling our borders. Mothers around the country are worried for their children’s future and he is clearly willing to protect them.