Tiffany Bullied By 'Mean Girls' In NYC! President's Daughter Wrongfully Shunned In Public

President Trump's youngest daughter Tiffany made her annual appearance at New York Fashion Week only to find out that this year she was not welcome.

Tiffany sat with her mother at the Fall/Winter 2017 show by designer Philipp Plein where witnesses say it was awkwardly apparent that fashion editors did not want to sit next to her.

Attendees openly tweeted that they we're avoiding any contact with Tiffany because of their political differences with her father. The absurd actions of the immature guests apparently caused confusion with the assigned seating as everyone was trying to maintain their bushwa appearance. Unfortunately, reporters confirmed that the seats next to the Trump's remained vacant throughout the show.

"Phillip Plein at 10PM: 1 hour late start, editors fleeing just so they don't have to sit behind Tiffany Trump," tweeted Nikki Ogunnaike of Elle Magazine.

This instance is nothing but disgraceful. Tiffany, who is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, should not be subjected to such treatment by people who claim to be professional adults. The event is an appalling example of the pathetic favoritism that plague trendy scenes including the Hollywood crowd and fashion world. Sadly, because of the family's deep connection with TV and the runway, it appears that they just can't escape this childish behavior from liberals.

The media is also whispering about Tiffany's early exit from a party where singer Madonna was spotted. Modonna has been one of the most obnoxious voices in Hollywood's anti-Trump circle. Unlike some of her peers at the Plein show, fortunately, Tiffany made a quiet exit instead of causing a scene in public.

Tiffany isn't the only Trump child to experience bullying by liberals. Her younger brother Barron has been subjected to a plethora of cyberbullying with rumors claiming that he is autistic. Melania has since taken legal action against bloggers and You Tubers who started the rumors.

The unjust attacks on the Trump kids needs to stop! Barron and Tiffany are not involved in their father's politics. It's tradition for the media to leave the kids alone. They abided by this unwritten rules for Obama, Bush, and Clinton. Why should Trump be any different?

Some celebrities have come to Tiffany's defense including her longtime friend and actress Abigail Breslin. However, people were stunned when liberal TV host Woopi Goldberg passionately stood up for Tiffany saying, "I will sit next to you [Tiffany]. Because I’ve been there where people said, ‘We’re not going to sit next to you.’ I’ll find your ass and sit next to you!”

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