When You Hear HOW Donald Plans On DEFEATING ISIS You'll Be STUNNED!

After a turbulent couple of weeks in the United States and abroad, it's clear that one of the top issues presidential hopefuls need to focus on in campaign speeches is national security.

Mr. Trump has already openly discussed his BOLD policies for making America safe again, by aggressively approaching our country's immigration policies and lax security protocols. Donald also isn't shy when it comes to criticizing Hillary Clinton for her failures as Secretary of State and NATO's failure to cover terrorism properly.

While Trump says he does not want to disclose too much information on how he wants to handle terrorism in the Middle East, he did shed some light on the countries he plans to work with as president of the United States.

"Turkey has been totally deceived [by ISIS]--Turkey has a very strong army and they will be unleashing a very strong force," says Trump. "I think now they're going to do it. With the proper leadership in OUR country, I think Turkey will do it."

Mr. Trump's strategy in the Middle East is clear--if our country wants to fight terrorism, we need to start by supporting the countries that are closest to the root of the problem before involving our own troops.

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