Donald And Kellyanne Became 'Heroes' For This Spectacular Night In New York

Halloween may be over, but Donald Trump and Kellyanne Conway decided to break out some costumes for a special night in New York.

Both Trump and Conway stunned reporters when they slipped out of Trump Tower to attend the Mercer family “Heroes and Villains” costume party in Long Island.

Conway called the party the “hottest ticket in town.” Dressed as the hero Supergirl, she jokingly told reporters that she originally planned to go as Steve Bannon. But, Donald did not join-in on the dressing up; instead, he kept his presidential look by sporting a suit and tie.

The duo took the night off from the White House transition in order to thank the Mercer family who were heavily involved in his campaign. Robert Mercer donated $2 million to super PAC’s that championed Trump’s mission. His daughter, Rebecca currently sits on Trump’s White House transition team and helps to organize the event each year.


In past years, the event has included various themes including a poker night that featured blackjack and poker tables with complementary chips to raise the stakes. According to Bloomberg News, some of the other costumes included Tonya Harding, Cruella Deville, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Reporters tried to gather questions about Trump’s plans for the night and his phone call with Taiwan’s president, however Donald respected his hosts by avoiding politics for the night.

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