Did Dunkin Donuts Put Christ Back Into Christmas With Their Joy Cup? Probably Not

Starbucks has been causing a fuss in the media lately with their decision to yank traditional Christmas symbols from their coffee cups. Everyone from Christian Internet Evangelists to Donald Trump have talked about boycotting the company. Of course, it didn’t take long for Dunkin Donuts to steal Starbucks Holiday hype with their new “Joy” themed cups.

To battle with Starbucks’ politically correct, all red mug, D&D has made a pour attempt to counter with their more Christmas-geared cup. The cups show a single red word “Joy,” wrapped around a green holly wreath. Will your Dunkin Donuts cup be sporting a jolly Santa or a cartoon reindeer? It doesn’t seem likely. Clearly, the company is trying to reach a demographic that wants just the right amount of Christmas on their morning dark roast.

But, let’s be honest. Is this really any different from the Starbucks cups? Instead of taking a stand and releasing an apparent Christian symbol, D&D has made a mediocre attempt at pleasing everyone. Again, large conglomerates and the media have sided with higher-ups that make US citizens scared to speak out about their faith. Instead of addressing the real meaning of Christmas with symbols of Jesus Christ, we’re left with fights over holly branches and snow flakes.