Anonymous Hackers Declare Cowardly War On Donald

A vigilante grouped named Anonymous has apparently hacked Mr. Trump’s personal records and released his cell phone number and social security number.

The information was posted on a popular website for hackers to leak stolen information. They’ve also attacked the people closest to Trump including his immediate family, campaign manager, and spokesperson.

So far, Trump’s representatives have stated that they are seeking the arrest of the people responsible for the leak.

Ironically, some members of Anonymous have been very public about their hatred for Trump. For weeks, they have been releasing videos that condemn the GOP front-runner. The faces of the illegal group have asked for fellow hackers to help take down his website and “dismantle his brand” by using #Optrump.

Nevertheless, there appears to be some division in the Anonymous ranks. A member told CNN that some supporters don’t approve of the videos and most hackers are doing it for fun to “play around with him with some hacking in between.”

Regardless of their intention, this group has committed a serious crime against Mr. Trump. They’ve invaded his privacy and put his family at risk. Their hack may not put a dent in the campaign. But, this reckless lack of respect for the Presidential race is a cowardly and childish attack on America and democracy.

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