American Company On the Frontlines of Coronavirus Prevention

For the first few months of the coronavirus lockdown, we were hearing different reports about the effectiveness of wearing a face mask. No news outlet could seem to agree on what the American people were supposed to be doing to protect their personal health and safety,

Many Americans were left skeptical due to the differing reports. After months, it seems scientists and reporters have finally gotten on the same page and are recommending that Americans wear face masks when in public.

Of course, it then comes to the question, “What type of mask should I be wearing? What’s the difference between N-95s and KN-95s?” This is a relatively simple question. N-95 face masks are medical grade masks and currently in high demand for hospitals and doctors offices, while KN-95 face masks are not medical grade, but perfect for everyday usage.

Hope Health Supply provides a stock of superb KN-95 masks that make it easy to breathe and doesn’t feel like an obstruction on the face like other masks. Their products are in stock and quantities to fit every family’s budget. They also have a friendly customer service staff--available through call, text, and email--that is quick to answer any questions. They are located in Birmingham, Alabama and provide fulfillment for all of your face masks needs in the USA.