All The Military Spending In The World Won't Protect Us From ISIS

The United States is the largest military machine in the world. Depending how you want to quantify our military presence abroad, there are nearly a thousand military bases scattered across 63 countries worldwide. What's more, the U.S. spends more than the entire planet combined on the military, especially if you count our investment in organizations like the CIA, NSA, black sites and all the classified stuff we only kinda-sorta-not really know about.

And yet, the military cannot protect you from ISIS.

Militaries of sovereign nations are, first and foremost, there for the defense of their home soil. Despite what NeoCons would have you believe, our military is not designed to be a conquering empire like the Romans were, or a colonizing heavyweight like the British Empire once was. Even in this late date in the U.S. Empire, our military's mission is supposedly about spreading "freedom" and "democracy" across the world--you, know saving the wrongfully persecuted, protecting the innocent--typical duties of the world's policeman.

During our colonial period, back when the British were the largest military force, our revolutionaries didn't fight fairly. Why would they? A fair fight was a surefire way to lose! Sure, etiquette was to have generals agree upon a time and place where their two forces could meet, but when one side obviously has more manpower and technology they're obviously setting up a win.

We beat the British by breaking the rules. Our Minute Men fought in guerilla-style tactics. Instead of meeting the Redcoats on the field, they shot from the underbrush. Instead of wearing bright uniforms, American soldiers wore colors that would blend better with their surroundings. Our military had small, mobile units that would hit, flee and then hit again. We cut off supply lines, hit the enemy where they were weak and eventually drove them to surrender because we made things so impossible for them.

Fast forward 300 years, and ISIS is using a similar strategy. They hit Western Powers where we are weakest. What choice do they have? If they attack military bases, they would be easily wiped out. They have no Air Force, no Navy, no Marines, no satellites. Every ISIS fighter has to be equal infantryman, spy, terrorist, explosive expert, medic, guerilla fighter, etc. There is no other way to fight the most powerful military machine on Earth and our allies.

This is why, "invading" ISIS headquarters is not an option. That would be exactly what their leaders want--you can thank Osama Bin Laden for that strategy. Unlike a country, ISIS has no runways, munitions factories, banks or anything significant to bomb. The organization is an ideology, not a state. Trying to bombing ISIS is like trying to bomb jealousy or revenge. Every bomb just fuels the very thing you're trying to stop--violence.

The only way to defeat ISIS is to contain it. Let ISIS and the despots of the Middle East fight it out. Buy oil from the victor. Trying to chase a ghost using drones and machine guns is a fool's errand--it hasn't worked and it never will. The use of drones and excessive technology is just lining the pockets of the defense industry, while the rest of us suffer.

It's time for Americans to grow up, to act and not react. It's time for America to bring our troops home, and admit our interventions have done more harm than good.