16 Secret Weapons The Government Doesn't Want You To Know Exist

Protecting your freedom just got a lot easier. These 15 stealthful weapons will keep you armed and protected no matter where you are. Share with friends you want to keep safe!

iPhone Stun Gun

Where to buy: YellowJacketCase.com, starting at $59.99

Sword Umbrella

Where to buy: TrueSwords.com, starting at $19.99

Wild Kat Keychain

Where to buy: Amazon.com, $2.38

Ninja Foot Spikes

Where to buy: Amazon.com, $9.95

Brass Knuckles Switchblade

Where to buy: Budk.com, starting at $9.99

Sap Cap

Where to buy: Amazon.com, $35.58

Stun Gun Tactical Flashlight

Where to buy: Amazon.com, $89.95

Pepper Spray Pen

Where to buy: Amazon.com, $7.98

Sap Gloves

Where to buy: Amazon.com, $16.98

Belt Buckle Knife

Where to buy: Bucklehead.com, prices vary

Desk Clock Gun Stash

Where to buy: Amazon.com, $38.58

Money Clip Razor Blade With Bottle Opener

Where to buy it: VargoOutdoors.com, $31.95

Credit Card Folding Knife

Where to buy: Amazon.com. $3.99

Pocket Knife Pendant Necklace

Where to buy: Etsy.com, prices vary

Sedgley Glove Gun

Where to buy: Only a limited number of glove guns were made in the U.S. during WWII, some collectors may be willing to part with these rare finds for a hefty price.

Apache Revolver

Where to buy: Select arms dealers, starting around $7,500